Sujuk and Cheese Pita (Pide) Recipe Kandil Rings (Kandil Simidi) Recipe Dried Eggplant Salad Recipe
Mitmita Meatballs Recipe
ready in 60 mins Serving: 4 people

Be ready! This will be a different, literally “mixed” and very “hot” recipe! First of all, I would like to thank to RawSpiceBar for sending me a sample of the spice named mitmita from Ethiopia.   Read More ...

S Shaped Salty Cookies Recipe
ready in 70 mins Serving: 12 people

Another long lasting cookies recipe. This one will be the favourite for ladies who want to keep many cookies for their “unexpected” guests. The cookies (or biscuits, I don’t know how to categorize it) can   Read More ...

Mince Pastry Recipe
ready in 55 mins Serving: 8 people

Yufka, as known as phyllo dough is an essential ingredient for Turkish pastries. This pastry I gave its recipe has mince in it. We have a meatball type “içli köfte”. You may know it as   Read More ...

Cornstarch Cookies Recipe
ready in 50 mins Serving: 10 people

These cookies are long lasting. They don’t stale easily and they are also easy to prepare. I used cornstarch since it adds something different, let me say, a different arome. I cannot describe it, but   Read More ...

Mild Cream Cheese Pogaca Recipe
ready in 75 mins Serving: 10 people

I think I will try all the pogaca recipes on the World. Here, this is another recipe fort this yummy pastry. The speciality of this pogaca relies on labne, known also as mild cream cheese.   Read More ...

Couverture Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
ready in 55 mins Serving: 10 people

I love every type of cake, but cupcakes (muffins in more special terms) are my favourite ones. Besides their shapes, their ingredients, being satisfying etc. are number #1 in my opinion. You may use anything   Read More ...

Mole Cake Recipe
ready in 120 mins Serving: 12 people

As far as I know, this cake belongs to German, it’s not a product of Turkish cuisine. However, I and my husband like it and we prefer it to many other desserts. There are many   Read More ...

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