Chicken with Bechamel Sauce and Potato Puree Recipe
ready in 90 mins Serving: 5 people

I have always liked bechamel sauce especially with pasta. Now, I imagined this sauce with chicken and potato puree. That’s the result: chicken with bechamel sauce and potato puree. This can be a side dish   Read More ...

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Chickpeas with Beef Recipe
ready in 80 mins Serving: 4 people

This is actually one of the most known dishes of Turkish cuisine. We name it “etli nohut” and we especially consume it on Turkish rice (pilaf) and after that, it is called “nohutlu pilav” (pilaf   Read More ...

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Beef and Rice Croquettes Recipe
ready in 75 mins Serving: 4 people

This is an interesting food because of it’s name in Turkish. In Turksh we name it kadınbudu köfte. There’s no problem with köfte. As some of you knows köfte means meatballs. But what about kadınbudu?   Read More ...

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Sausages in Tomato Sauce Recipe
ready in 20 mins Serving: 2 people

Tomato sauce (Turkish salça) is commonly used in almost every traditional Turkish food. Besides tomato, red pepper may also be used for this sauce. In some countries it’s also called zalza (tomato zalza or pepper   Read More ...

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Oven Baked Sea Bass Recipe
ready in 60 mins Serving: 2 people

This recipe is definetely simple and satisfying. Like or not, fish is one of must eat food. No need to tell it’s value both for our bodies and mental functions. Thanks to this easy recipe,   Read More ...

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Chicken Skewers with Soy Sauce Recipe
ready in 30 mins Serving: 2 people

Skewer or shish kebab is famous worldwide. You can use these with almost every meat type and chicken is one of them and then it is chicken skewers (also called chichen shish or chicken kebab).   Read More ...

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