Sujuk and Cheese Pita (Pide) Recipe Kandil Rings (Kandil Simidi) Recipe Dried Eggplant Salad Recipe
Ottoman Pogaca Recipe
ready in 60 mins Serving: 10 people

To be honest, I don’t know whether this pogaca belongs to Ottoman cuisine or not, but I have to admit that it is an original and interesting recipe. It doesn’t contain baking powder and yeast,   Read More ...

Fresh Corn Soup Recipe
ready in 40 mins Serving: 6 people

One of the best corn harvested areas in Turkey belongs to Blacksea (Karadeniz in Turkish) region of Turkey. People from that region love and farm corn, as well as tea and various nuts. The recipe   Read More ...

Strawberry Pudding (Muhallebi) Recipe
ready in 50 mins Serving: 4 people

Pudding is not actually muhallebi in my opinion, but there is not a big difference between them. So, in sum we can consider both as pudding. You can find many ready made puddings or pudding   Read More ...

Sujuk and Cheese Pita (Pide) Recipe
ready in 85 mins Serving: 5 people

Pide is a common Turkish food. You can find many pide restaurants in Turkey and it is considered as a fast-food, but it is more natural than any other fast-food types like hamburger or cheeseburger   Read More ...

Soft Chocolate Sauced Cake Recipe
ready in 90 mins Serving: 15 people

Obviously, first I named this cake as “suprise cake”, but when I Googled it, I realized that it is used for cakes made for birthday parties or other surprises. So, I changed my mind and   Read More ...

Turkish Chocolate Shortbread (Un Kurabiyesi) Recipe
ready in 40 mins Serving: 10 people

Turkish shortbread is common across the world and it is really easy to prepare. You may garnish it with different toppings or sauces. I used chocolate sauce for its top, but fruit sauces or other   Read More ...

Mussel Shaped Dessert Recipe
ready in 90 mins Serving: 10 people

Actually this dessert is a kind of baklava, but I named it “mussel shaped” because of its shape. This is liked because of its sweetness and it is served on bayrams etc. It might be   Read More ...

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