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  • 250 grams (0.55 pounds) butter or margarine
  • 5 ready made phyllos
  • 400 grams (0.88 pounds) feta cheese
Crispy Pastry with Cheese
ready in 75 mins Serving: 8 people
About Crispy Pastry with Cheese:

Phyllo is widely used in Turkish cuisine. Food made with phyllo are served at five o’clock tea sessions, beside they are served at breakfasts. It is possible to make so many types of pastry with phyllo. It can be found in supermarkets, but you can make it at your home too with some flour, water and by using a rolling pin. In this recipe, I used feta cheese (we name it ‘beyaz peynir’ which means white cheese), but you may use other types of cheese which you like if you wish. Let’s start making these crispy pastries.

Crispy pastry with cheese Crispy pastry with cheese Crispy pastry with cheese

  1. A pot or a sautepan

  2. A spoon

  3. An oven tray

  4. Greased paper

  5. A knife

  6. A pastry brush

  1. 1

    Heat the butter until it completely melts and set aside for a couple minutes.

  2. 2

    Spread one of the phyllo doughs onto the table and butter equally.

  3. 3

    Take the second phyllo dough, put it onto the first dough and butter again. Do the same for the remaining doughs.

  4. 4

    First divide into two, then four. Try to make triangle shaped doughs just like on the third photo (in total you have to get 16 pieces of phyllo).

  5. 5

    Mash the feta and put onto the dough pieces. Then roll it starting from the wide side. You can look at the photo again for a sample. Do the same for all the remaining slices.

  6. 6

    Take them onto the tray with greased paper on it and bake in the oven set to 200 °C (400 °F).

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